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Townhomes in South Florida

Want to combine the best of single-familyhomes and condo units?

If you do, then townhome living is for you.

Like condos, townhomes can be more affordable than other types of real estate. Yet, their upscale features and amenities make them as in demand as ever.

Townhome owners have shared walls the way condo dwellers do

Like condos, townhomes stand on compact areas that make the most of every available space.

Those looking for an affordable home with quality features can get more options toward what they’re looking for by looking into townhomes.

Here are some advantages:

  • Low maintenance
    Part of what you pay your homeowner’s association goes to home maintenance.

    The HOA (Home Owners Association) determines the scope of maintenance fees. Thus, these fees will differ from one community to the next.

  • A host of amenities
    Townhomes are almost always part of a community in South Florida cities. These communities often feature a wealth of amenities and services like pools, tennis courts, and club houses which owners can enjoy.
  • Cost effectiveness

    Townhomes are often more affordable than full-sized single- family homes.

    Facilities are still modern and upscale. They can have as much floor space as full-sized homes.

Finding the perfect townhouse

South Florida has a widerange of new and existing townhouse developments.

Here’s where you can find some of the best:

Fort Lauderdale

This beautiful resort city is otherwise known as the Venice of America. This international luxury destination is famous for stunning beaches, miles of sparkling waterways, and modern upscale conveniences.

Areas in and around the Coral Ridge or Bayview area show some of the highest concentration of townhome properties and developments.

Prices range from around $500,000 to more than $1.5M and include waterfront and non-waterfront roperties near the vibrant downtown area and residential communities.


Known for its upscale neighborhoods and park-like character, this city is a favorite among those who want a great place to raise a family in.

The atmosphere is serene. High-standard schools are everywhere. Excellent parks, a thriving business center, and well-equipped sports and equestrian facilities are great for outdoor activities and events.

Parkland is home to at least 3 townhouse communities.
Visit this page for more info about them.

Townhomes in Parkland

Boca Raton

This city is a premier luxury destination and tourist hot spot known for its eclectic architectural themes, beautiful city centers, fine dining restaurants, fantastic shopping malls, and exciting nightlife.

This “City for All Seasons” is designed to let you enjoy South Florida’s fun lifestyle and great weather to the hilt.

It has some of the most beautiful townhomes in the area. Prices start at around $500,000 and can rise up to more than $1-M to $2-M for beach and Intracoastal properties.

Delray Beach

This tropical paradise is known for its lush natural landscape, the pristine waters of its beautiful white sandy beaches and fantastic surfing waves.

It is a charming boutique beach town with an eclectic vintage vibe and vibrant downtown area.

This world-class resort city has earned praise as one of country’s Most Fun Small Town” and one of the Happiest Seaside Towns in America.”

Townhomes surround beaches and waterways. They’re also found all over inland communities.

The most affordable start at around $400,000. The most expensive, on the other hand, are found along the beach and Intracoastal waterways and cost upwards of $2-M.

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